Philips has completed a remarkable pilot intended to reduce the number of phone calls and emails received by the company’s French service desk. Project Call Deflection, launched in March, was set up in close cooperation with Livecom and UXsuite, a new developer of product experience analytics software. The results are astounding: 1 in 4 online visitors found a solution to their problem online, reducing the monthly number of views of the contact page by 2.200.

Project Call Deflection is all about assisting online visitors without bothering them. Basically, visitors only get to see the service desk’s contact information if all other options are exhausted. By analyzing their online behaviour, UXsuite can actively make assumptions about what it is they are looking for. The site content is then adaptively managed and presented. Certain visitors are redirected to detailed product pages, while others get a proactive chat invitation to connect with a specific expert. Visitors see only relevant information on the website, since UXsuite dynamically hides irrelevant content, where relevance is determined by visitors’ previous click paths. The variety of such underlying intelligent business rules, adaptable anytime at real-time, is virtually limitless.

As France is one of the countries where customers tend to pick up the phone before taking the time to look for answers online, the pilot was implemented on Philips’ French website. The results are astounding, reports Ad van Dongen, Global Process and Training Manager at Philips:

•    25% of all online visitors found a solution to their problem online.
•    8,8% of these visitors found it by accepting an invitation to chat with a customer service representative.
•    The contact page was viewed 2.200 times less than before the project.
•    There was a 25% decrease of loaded email templates on the website.
•    There was a 75% increase of visits to the support homepage.
•    There was a 115% increase of visits to service and information subpages.
•    There were 3 times as many product searches as before the pilot.

The pilot’s overwhelming success did not surprise UXsuite’s cofounder Aylin Koca:

While we are very pleased that our state-of-the-art User eXperience software suite performs great also with “big data”, the results meet our expectations. Besides, this project confirmed a winning fit between Livecom and UXsuite, too. We’re only beginning to discover the promising possibilities ahead.

Livecom is happy to announce that Philips service desks in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain and China will take up Project Call Deflection in the very near future.